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Beautiful Creatures Term List  


WORLD TERMS for series: Bewitch The Dark, Wicked Games

X  vampire  — To create, a mortal is bitten by a vampire, drained close to death, then drinks the vampireÕs blood.  If bitten, then abandoned, they must drink blood to make the change (will not be as powerful a vampire) or if they donÕt drink blood before the next full moon, they can be free of the vampireÕs curse and/or face madness.  Must drink blood to survive.  They are not dead.

X  in-born  — a vampire born of a female mortal and male vampire.  DoesnÕt crave blood until transformation in early twenties.  Migraines clue to blood hunger.  Female vampires donÕt give birth.

X  blood child  — a vampire created by another vampire.

X  bloodborn — a vampire born of two vampire parents.

X  patron — a vampire who provides constant blood source to a fledging vampire they have created (18th C)

X  kin — new vampire (usually female) who must be patroned until fully blooded (5 - 10 years)

X  tribe  — vampire clan.  Usually created by one or two leaders.  They are bloodthirsty, powerful and have a gang mentality.  Mostly found in America.  Vampires can be recruited into a tribe, but are usually created to increase strength of tribe members.  Their greatest enemy is the witch, yet the tribes have not yet organized to stalk and kill them.  They pursue solo vampires to join tribes.  Tribes include: Kila (Nikolaus DrakeÕs tribe), Veles (rumored dead vampires), Zmaj, Nava (older, unbaptized; Constantine led in 18th; Creed took over in 19th), Anakim (Antonio del Gado)

X  the Protection — a great spell performed by witches to end the war between vampires and witches and enslavement.  The Protection makes their blood poisonous to vampires, at the sacrifice of the witchesÕ immortality.

X  donor/victim    experience an orgasmic form of the swoon when bitten.  Will forget the experience if the vampire enthralls them.  Teeth marks will close up thanks to vampireÕs saliva, yet a bruise will remain.  Will only become a vampire if the vampire did not enthrall them, and they drink blood before next full moon.

X  thrall  — a vampire can persuade a victim to forget the bite/attack.  Can be used to enthrall an entire room, but is difficult and the vampire must be focused.  Difficult, if not impossible, to enthrall a paranormal.

X  reverievampire can seduce and calm by matching the pace of their victimÕs heartbeats with their own.

X  swoon  — the orgasmic results of drinking warm, human blood.  The vampire is momentarily out of sorts as the blood rushes through their system, and is vulnerable to attack at this moment.

X  adrenaline — achieved by flashing fangs before biting; anything to produce fear.  A very addictive vampire drug.

X  ichor — Faery blood.  Sparkly and clear.  First drink is addictive to vampires as meth.

X  the dark  — all vampires, excluding those few who have gained witch magic.  Called Dark Ones in previous centuries.

X  the light — witches who do not practice demon magic and generally practice earth magic

X  bewitched — vampire who has achieved witch magic through the enslavement of a witch (and drinking the witchÕs blood).  Only a half dozen remaining ancients achieved it before the Protection.

X  the shimmer  — vibrations vampires feel when they touch one another.  The only way for one vampire to tell another vampire without seeing fangs or in the act of drinking blood.

X  the Sight — a rare power that enables the non-vampire viewer to see a vampireÕs red, ashy aura.

X  fix — witches can fix each other in gazes and touch their soul.

X  danse macabre  — after a vampire kills a victim, the nightmares of that victim die slowly in the vampire.  Can take days and involve visions and actual experience of the nightmare.  Will bring eventual madness if too many kills are made.

X  immortality  — vampires lives are extended hundreds of years.  They gain power and length by creating new blood children.  They will not live forever.  Witches lost immortality following the Protection, and can only renew it with vampire blood.

X  phoenix  — vampire survivor of a witchÕs blood attack, or resurrected from ash.  Rumored indestructible.

X  source  — what witches call the unfortunate vampire used for their immortality ritual.  Vampires refer to them as ÔashÕ.

X  longtooth — witchesÕ derogatory term for a vampire.

X  supplicant — a witch enslaved by a vampire.  Very rarely is the witch in love with the vampire.  Usually ends in the vampireÕs accidental death, but more often, the witch is drained of her magic and immortality.

X  blood sex magic — strength and magic are gained by the vampire when he/she has sex with and/or drinks blood from a witch.  (Only a vampire with immunity to witchesÕ blood can do this, such as a phoenix.)

X  slayer  — mortal vampire slayer

X  death cocktail  — witchÕs blood

X  flight  — witches who have mastered air magic can fly.  Only bewitched vampires can fly (if their witch supplicant is an air master).

X  Vampire attributes — increased night vision

o   enhanced senses

o   heals rapidly (saliva is healing agent)

o   blood sustains life; soulless blood gives no sustenance

o   has the strength of ten men

X  Vampire challenges  — propensity to count and order things

o   must be invited to enter a home but they can enter public places freely

o   crosses and holy water only burn and eventually kill if vampire once believed and was baptized (fewer vampires over two centuries old were baptized, so the elders are quite fearsome of the holy)

o   sunlight slowly burns and makes them tired, can withstand a few minutes in the shade, must protect their eyes.

o   the smell of garlic is repulsive

o   wild roses have no effect unless planted by a witch

o   wooden stakes will kill if heart bursts

o   if touched by madness during transformation, can never be completely free of it

o   witchÕs blood is poison

o   vampire can get pregnant by a werewolf; cannot impregnate a werewolf

X  half breed — a paranormal with parents of different breeds.  Most common: half vampire, half werewolf.  Generally ostracized for impure blood, but are much stronger for they carry strengths of both breeds.

X  werewolf — a shifter who can change to wolf (animal shape) at will, and werewolf (man/beast shape) during full moon.  Seeks sexual satisfaction during full moon and to mate.  Silver can kill if enters the bloodstream.

X  moon madness — the night of the full moon the werewolf shifts without volition

X  familiar — a cat-shifter who has nine lives.  Does not remember one life to the next.

X  demon

X  The Council — represents the paranormal nations with members from various breeds.  Mostly populated by vampires.