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Their forbidden love is destined to destroy one or the other.

Desperate to master the rage and volatile emotions that have become his nemesis since he was forcefully transformed into a vampire two years earlier, Michael Lynsay, the enigmatic, sexy lead singer for the rock group The Fallen is setting down his microphone for a few months. If he doesn't learn to control the darkness within, he risks exposing his secret and losing grip on his morality.

Jane Renan is an old soul, and each decade sees her drawing further from the extraordinary confusion of the world and into her own creative arts. Until she discovers a man who is her complete opposite.

Cocky and arrogant, Michael teases at Jane's fickle desires. His sense of humor and sweetness infuses a strange counterbalance to the rock star image he cannot shake, nor does he wish to change his lifestyle of sex, blood and rock n' roll. He is alive and exciting, a prancing peacock who lives for the adoration from his fans. (His fans have dubbed him the Dark Angel because he sometimes wears black angel wings on stage.) Jane recognizes him as someone who can draw her out from her shell—and yet, he could serve useful for a very dark secret she holds. Michael is attracted to her serenity—she calms his monster.

Drawn to one another by inexplicable desire, they both hide secrets to cruel realitites that will challenge their very need to love and survive.

FROM THE DARK is book #1 in the Bewitch the Dark series. Watch for book #2 in September 2007, KISS ME DEADLY .

"To feed the rock n' roll addicts habit" — That is The Fallen's motto. And below is their logo.

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