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It'll take more than blood to satisfy their cravings...

Revisit Scarlet Rose and Sebastian Delacourte one year after they have come together, body, blood and soul. WICKED ANGELS promises that life is a lot more than romance and roses.

The desire for knowledge draws Scarlet to the dark side as she begins to question her vampire nature. Vince Lyons, the blonde heartthrob who sings for Wild Child, plunges deeper into the decadent world of vampirism hoping to discover the true monster he believes himself to be. And he'll be right there, waiting to catch Scarlet when she falls, which stokes the flames of rivalry between he and Sebastian. Enter Federico Bellange, the mysterious vampire who turns Vince on to the adrenaline rush of death.

WICKED ANGELS twines medieval Spain, 18th century Venice, and contemporary Los Angeles in an intriguing, fast-paced tale of love, betrayal, and the search for answers to a darkness that never ends.

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