Alexandre Renard (vampire secondary character in Her Vampire Husband) and Veronica Marshall pair up in this novella from Nocturne Bites available at or any online book retailer.

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Alexandre Renard never met a more intriguing woman than Veronica Marshall. He waited for weeks for the mysterious woman to make her move...and wasn't disappointed when they shared a seductive dance at a Paris tango club. Their passion made him want to savor their embrace forever--even though he knew that Veronica was waiting for her chance to destroy him....

Veronica's game of cat-and-mouse with Alexandre turns into nights of unforgettable pleasure. How could she destroy the man she came to love?

With time--and their enemies--against them, the couple will have to fight to win just one more day in each other's arms....

I admit it. I'm a huge DANCING WITH THE STARS fan. The season featuring Gilles Marini rocked. He and Cheryl Burke performed a sizzling tango that, inspired me to write a story about a couple who fall in love while dancing together. Of course, the hero had to be a vampire, because why not? The pictures below on this page sat on my desktop as I wrote. The love and hate of the tango were perfect for this couple.


~ Watch the Argentine Tango that inspired this story, performed by Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke on Dancing With The Stars.

~ The song the above couple danced to is the Assassin's Tango. Hear a preview at Amazon.

~ Set the atmosphere to read Vampire's Tango. Download a free album featuring Tango & Folklore Music from Argentina from Amazon.

~ Alexandre's history was inspired by the Paper Lace song "I Did What I Did For Maria". Hear a preview of the song at Amazon.

HER VAMPIRE HUSBAND is available March 30th!

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