The Reaper's Heart

Now available!

This story will be featured in a 4-story digital anthology available for free download from Harlequin.

Having given up on ever finding love, Ananda, a white witch, needs an unbeating heart so she can stop feeling. She seeks the one being who can fulfill that wish.

Vashon, the Reaper of Lost Souls, possesses an adamant heart that does not beat, nor does it feel love. Yet what he desires most is to know love. And the only way to do that is to reap a white witch's soul—which requires her death.

This story is part of a promotional anthology designed to give readers a taste of various Harlequin imprints that are receiving new cover looks in 2013, such as Nocturne, Romantic Suspense, and others. It is NOT a part of Michele's Beautiful Creatures world.
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