This Glamourous Evil

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This Glamorous Evil

Beautiful Creatures

Club Scarlet

Throughly Jones (T.J.) is a witch who practices dark magic and is desperate to rescue his brother from Daemonia. He needs to circumvent the usual methods to conduct demons because he's after a big catch. But will cat-shifting familiar, Star, agree to cut out the middle man and work exclusively with T.J.? That would involve them having sex to conduct a demon. But she wants a real relationship, without 'work sex' getting in the way. Can the two share the most intimate of connections to get the rescue job done, or will love toss a kink into their plans?
"In true Michele Hauf fashion, This Glamorous Evil is a dark, delicious, wickedly sexy read with action, intrigue and a final voice like no one else can deliver." — Literal Addiction

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T.J.'s brother, Certainly, gets his own story in THIS WICKED MAGIC. I will announce a publication date here!

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