Silhouette Nocturne — September 2007

Nominated for Romantic Times' Best Series Romance

Winner of CataNetwork's Reviewer's Choice Award

Dear Readers,

Kiss Me Deadly is the second book in my Bewitch the Dark series that features sexy vampires and mysterious witches.   I was struck by the idea of doing a sort of 'reverse romance'. What if you had no choice but to fall madly in love at very first sight? Would that be a good thing? Would you learn to love for real, beyond the spell that had made you love for fake? And what if the person you fell in love with was the one person on this earth you hated so much you wished them dead?

The result is bewitchingly dark, dangerous and sexy.

"A novel twist on a vampire tale. Hauf mixes well-developed characters and sparkling dialogue with a paranormal tale and comes out with a winner. All around, this is a great tale!"— RT Bookclub

Read the first two chapters of Kiss Me Deadly!

KISS ME DEADLY is book #2 in the Bewitch The Dark series

Book #1 is FROM THE DARK


Want to learn more about the world of Bewitch the Dark? Check here for an index of terms used in the series.

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So why does the cover of Kiss Me Deadly claim the series title is Bewitching the Dark? When I sent in ideas for the series, I sent in both Bewitching the Dark and Bewitch the Dark. I immediately decided I liked the one with 'Bewitch' and started using that. Unbeknownst to me, Silhouette picked the one with 'Bewitching'. I'm too lazy to redo all my logos, but either way, it's all good.





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