Historical Romance  

ENCHANT ME NOT — 17th C. Versailles

February 2001 — Zebra

"Enchant Me Not is a delightful romance...the fairytale quality of the story and Ms. Hauf's off-beat sense of humor will enchant readers who are seeking a different and entertaining read." — Romantic Times

Enchant Me Not

BETRAY ME NOT — 17th C. Paris

September 2000 — Zebra

"Fans of Ms. Hauf will truly be awed by the scope of her talent with her lastest release, Betray Me Not. This just might be the best historical romance I've read all year!" — New-Age Bookshelf

Betray Me Not

TAME ME NOT — 17th C. Paris

October 1999 — Zebra

Follow Mignonne Saint-Sylvestre's adventures as she tries to become a musketeer. But will the sexy, chevalier Chancery Lambert allow a female in his ranks?

Tame Me Not

HERE IS MY HEART — 17th C. Paris

March 1999 — Zebra Splendor

Reminiscent of Cyrano de Bergerac. Matthieu Bouchet promises his heart to Josephine, even knowing she loves another. But does she really know by whom her secret correspondence is read?

MY LADY MADNESS — 18th C. Paris

August 1998 — Zebra Splendor

republished electronically, available at Smashwords

"This novel is a refreshingly terrific work..." — Affaire de Coeur

My Lady Madness

SEND ME AN ANGEL — 18th C. Paris

2001 — LTDbooks.com (now-defunct electronic publisher)

This title was only published electronically. It is a time-travel romance.

"Michele Hauf enchants yet again!" — Affaire de Coeur

Send Me An Angel

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