His Forgotten Forever

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Silhouette Nocturne July 2008

Book #3 in the Bewitch The Dark series. Setting: St. Paul and Minneapolis

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"Michele Hauf's characters have a depth that makes them compelling and realistic. Truvin is attractive in spite of his flaws, and readers will root for his redemption." — 4 stars, Romantic Times Bookclub

"...pure reading magic!" — Amelia Richard, CataRomance.com [read entire review]

"The premise of a vampire suffering amnesia is a unique concept that brings a fresh spin to this entertaining supernatural romance. Thus the pair falls in love as Truvin recalls the atrocities of his past; thus he feels unworthy of the intrepid woman he cherishes, but also fears he might one day harm her. Michele Hauf provides sub-genre fans with a brisk innovative vampiric romantic suspense." — Harriet Klausner

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Front-of-the-Book Teaser....

After waking in an alley without memory of his life, Truvin Stone then stumbles into a cathedral--where he is forcibly baptized.   If that's not strange enough, a kind soul brings him home and tries to convince him he's a vampire (Which may be true.   Who can argue fangs?).

Lucy Morgan has always enjoyed helping others, but it's time she started taking care of herself, fulfilling goals and dreams.   The moment they met, she connected to Truvin, and even when things get weird--vampires and witches have started pursuing them both--she won't deny herself this opportunity for love.  

A war between the vampires and witches has been brewing for centuries, and Truvin may possibly have stirred it to a boil.   He must get back his memory before the witches and priest chasing him with a cross get to him first.   For a holy wound will never heal; no vampire can survive.   But now that he's a taste of a new life unhampered by his past indiscretions can he truly go back to being the same man he once was?  


         "You have the most incredible eyes I have ever seen."

         Lucy smirked.   "At least that you know, Missing Memory Guy."

         It wasn't every day a woman got to sit so close to a half-naked man.   Or smell his interesting cologne.   It had a root beer tinge, maybe sassafras?

         Mmm, she'd take some sass with that fras any day.

         Pleased with her lusty thoughts, Lucy was startled by a thunk of Truvin's knuckle.

         "Earth to Lucy."   His smile flashed the whitest teeth.   "I'm the one with memory loss, remember?

         Feeling the blush creep up her neck, Lucy blew out a breath.   It was growing hot in here.         

         "Your mouth is very sensual," he said.   "Lush and pink."

         Compelled, Lucy leaned in and kissed him.   A short but well-placed kiss to his mouth.   The connection sparkled in her chest.   And that sparkle shimmered out to the surface of her skin.

         "Oh."   She pulled back and suppressed a smile.   "I'm sorry."   The tickle on Truvin's mouth worked to flush her smile to the surface.   "Oh, hell, I'm not sorry."

         And then he leaned in to finish what she had only begun.  

         Tentative at first, he glided his mouth across hers before pressing.   Testing.   Feeling.   As if his first kiss.  

         And maybe it was.   The first he could remember.


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