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Reviews for Dark Rapture... 

"...a darkly intriguing book with a powerful premise...a paranormal reader's delight..."--Gothic Journal

"Dark Rapture's hero delights ala Lestat. In her first book, Ms. Hauf brings new blood to the vampire legend in a story full of intriguing twists and surprises." --Nancy Gideon (Award winning author of Pinnacle's MIDNIGHT series)

"Splendid vampire fiction." --Sharon Brondos (Author of Kiss of Darkness)

"...absolutely incredible and chillingly delicious vampire romance that is so original in scope there is nothing to compare it to." -- Affaire de Coeur

With my kiss, surrender to your forbidden passions and succumb to my midnight world of unholy desire and...Dark Rapture. 
Sebastian DelaCourte --musician, lover, vampire--

Hero of Dark Rapture

Club Scarlet

This current digital edition of DARK RAPTURE is the first time this story has been published electronically. I have the rights back, and have gone through an lightly re-edited (though didn't change story at all; wanted to keep it as close to original as possible; and yes, my writing has improved over the years!). Now this first vampire romance is available to readers.

It is set in my Beautiful Creatures world, but it was written when I didn't really have that world yet formed, so some vampiric conditions have altered and changed as I've written many more stories.

Also included in this edition is the full sequel, WICKED ANGELS


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