Crave The Night

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Featuring Bree and Rev's story, "Cruel Enchantment".

Vampire, Revin Parker, an agent of the Rescue Project, needs to get an informant to talk to learn the location of a warehouse were werewolves pit vampires against one another to the death in vicious blood games.  Problem is, the informant is a faery, and Rev just got clean from faery ichor a few months ago.  To even be near faery dust could plummet him back to the addiction he dreads.
The vampire who wants information from her is the same man she hasn't been able to stop thinking about since he rescued her months earlier—and bit her.  One bite of faery dust turns a vampire into an addict, and Sabrina Kriss knows Rev toes a fragile line every time he is near her.  She wants to help him, but to tell him the truth would see the wolves hunting her.
They are compelled to one another by trust, desire, and a wicked enchantment.  But can either risk a relationship with the one person who could be their worst nightmare?

For a story synopsis of each novella in this anthology, visit the Swell Cat Press page! Club Scarlet


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