Available September 2014 in digital format at your favorite online retailer. Buy as paperback book (packaged with Ghost Wolf) in bookstores August 19th.

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Like most immortal witches, Verity Van Velde knows how to look after herself—and she knows better than to trust any man. But then, a vampire with a grudge roughs her up and steals her precious talisman. Before long, Verity is swept up in a terrifying intrigue—and into the strong arms of a devastatingly sexy vampire hunter.

For the past four centuries, Rook has devoted himself to avenging a terrible loss. But something about the pretty witch call to him, and it's not just her long legs, sexy purple hair...or her pouty lips...or her fiery magic. Something deep inside Rook knows that Verity may be his only chance to find his soul mate—and his soul.

Beyond The Moon
  Beautiful Creatures

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