Viviane LaMourette












Full name: Viviane LaMourette

Born/Age: 1570

Location: Paris/Venice

Profession/Breed: bloodborn vampire

Partner: Rhys Hawkes

Married: patroned by Henri Chevalier until 1785 (spring); married Rhys in 2011

Children: Vaillant and Trystan

Friends/Family: Henri Chevalier, Blanche Chevalier, Portia (maid)

Enemies: Constantine de Salignac

Hair: black

Tribe/Pack: independent

Traits: very independent, seeks freedom, attracts all male vampires

Book: Seducing The Vampire

Others: Forever Vampire

Notes:  hummingbird is her totem

         Longs to retain freedom

         Is known as the Wolf Slayer after she killed a werewolf with her bare hands




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