Rhys Hawkes












Full name: Rhys Hawkes

Born/Age:  1750

Location: France (Paris and surrounding area)

Profession/Breed: half vampire, half werewolf

Partner: Viviane LaMourette

Married: 2011

Children: Trystan (werewolf)

Friends/Family: Constantine (half brother), Vaillant (nephew), Orlando Thomas, Claude Morreigh, Simon (assistant at Hawkes Associates), Emeline , Cressida (faery)

Enemies: Constantine

Hair: long black with gray streak

Eyes: brown, rimmed with gold

Distinctive marks:

Tribe/Pack: unaligned

Traits: Aggressive, boisterous, sensual, discerning

Book: Seducing The Vampire

Other appearances: Forever Vampire

Notes:  Is on a mission to prove himself to Council and become a member

         Once tried to start a sort of pack/tribe of half breeds





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