Raven Crosse





Full name: Raven Crosse

Born/Age: 1790 Bulgaria (rumored; possibly earlier)

Location: Minneapolis

Profession/Breed: witch (earth, air, water magic)/vampire slayer/member of the Council

Partner: Nikolaus Drake  (married 2008)

Children: Ivan Drake

Friends: Jane Renan (witch), Dominique San Juste (former lover 19th C)

Enemies: Creed Saint-Pierre

Hair: black

Distinctive marks:

Tribe/Pack: The Light

Traits: tough, independent

Book: Kiss Me Deadly

Other appearances: The Devil To Pay, Her Vampire Husband

Notes: Mastered earth magic in 18th C

         Has the Sight - can see vampires

         Keeps fully stocked arsenal

         Keeps box with Crosse family crest: moon and stars/scythe; pockets inside from people she's loved

         Vampires killed her parents

Convinced Dez Merovech to stay away from Himself in 19th C



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