Nikolaus Drake



Full name: Nikolaus Drake

Born/Age: 1950s

Location:  Minneapolis

Profession/Breed: former brain surgeon/vampire phoenix tribe leader Kila /member of the Council

Partner: Raven Crosse (nickname: Sweetness; married 2008)

Children: Ivan Drake

Friends: Gabriel Rossum (dead)

Enemies: Truvin Stone

Hair: black/bald with tribal tattoos

Distinctive marks: scalp tattoos, mid-back and stretching from shoulder to shoulder tattoo, underside of left arm and torso burned

Tribe/Pack: Kila

Traits: peaceful, leader, visionary

Other: Council member

Book: Kiss Me Deadly

Other appearances: The Devil to Pay, Moon Kissed (mentioned), Her Vampire Husband

Notes: Was made vampire against his will

         Had brain tumor when mortal





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