Dez Merovech


Full name: Desideriel Rosaline Merovech

Born/Age: 14th C ? (she is illegitimate daughter of Merovingian king Dagobert III)

Location: Minneapolis

Profession/Breed: witch

Partner: Ivan

Children: none

Friends/Family: Dominique San Juste (Seraphim)

Enemies: Himself

Hair: dark blonde, chestnut, pale red

Distinctive marks:

Tribe/Pack: The Light

Traits: wisdom, centuries of magic to hand

Book: The Devil To Pay

Other appearances: Her Vampire Husband

Notes: keeper of the Grande Grimoire, Book of All Spells

         Used to have small shop called Sweet Alchemy; perfume/oils

         Has known DaVinci, Diderot, Houdini

         Descended from the Merovingian line of kings

         Highly respected by Council


Himself was once in love with Dez at end of 19th C; seduced her close to submission, almost married, but she rallied strength and refused him





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